Sunday, February 18, 2018


Dr. Ken Broda-Bahm who writes the Persuasive Litigator Blog recently wrote a review of Jury Selection Handbook entitled Know the Principles: A Review of the ‘Jury Selection Handbook.’” Here is Dr. Broda-Bahm’s post:

Jury selection presents a difficult challenge to trial lawyers, and calls for skills that are generally out of step with the rest of what they’re expected to master in order to get from filing to verdict. At the point of empaneling a jury, lawyers are expected to listen more than they speak, to learn more than they teach, and to embrace the case weaknesses and opposition that they would normally try to downplay. It is a subtle and demanding situation, and one that calls for not just advocacy, but for friendliness, sensitivity, and all the traits of genuinely good communication.

For law students and for practicing attorneys who have not yet mastered jury selection, there is a new resource focusing broadly on the fundamentals. The 2018 book, Jury Selection Handbook: The Nuts ands Bolts of Effective Jury Selection, is available in both print and ebook versions and is published by Carolina Academic Press as part of “The Lawyering Series,” to support law schools and law professors in providing more innovative and practical content. The authors are Ronald H. Clark, Distinguished Practitioner in Residence at Seattle University’s Law School and Thomas M. O’Toole, a Seattle-based litigation consultant. Overall, the book is a very useful resource for the firm’s library, the litigator’s shelf, and the law school classroom. In this brief review, I will call out three points: The book covers the fundamentals, provides a wealth of applied examples, but also paves the way for more advanced advice on jury selection.

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