Thursday, September 21, 2017


Thomas O’Toole Ph.D., and I have co-authored Jury Selection Handbook: The Nuts and Boltsof Effective Jury Selection, which will be published by Carolina Academic Press in November 2017. Tom is President of Sound Jury Consulting and has practiced across the nation as a jury consultant since 2003 in nearly every litigation type. Jury Selection Handbook is part of the Lawyering Series, edited by Roger I. Abrams of Northeastern Law School.

Jury selection can be a terrifying experience for even the most seasoned trial attorneys. Jury Selection Handbook: The Nuts and Bolts of Effective Jury Selection dissects the process and highlights the strategic choices available to trial attorneys at every step of the process. This book is intended for law students and fledgling lawyers who are acquiring their jury selection skills, as well as veteran trial lawyers who want to refresh and expand their approaches. The book provides practical guidance for how to prepare for jury selection; craft motions and responses to motions regarding voir dire; exercise challenges; make favorable impressions of counsel, the client, and the case; break the ice and question prospective jurors; and evaluate jurors and tap into hidden beliefs and pre-dispositions. The book can be adopted for law school trial advocacy courses and clinics as well as continuing legal education seminars. Online appendices provide examples of jury questionnaires, motions and responses to motions, and transcripts of a dozen complete jury selections in both federal and state courts and civil and criminal cases. 

If you are a professor teaching in this field you may request a complimentary copy. 


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